It is pretty common knowledge that most men these days are afraid to express interest in a woman that they do not know. They may see her across the room , make eye contact and never find the courage to walk across the room to meet her.

Men are very visual meaning that it doesn’t take much for a man to be attracted to a woman. once she is attractive, (take note attractiveness can vary from person to person) he is interested.

So  Why are they afraid to express interest? Why are they nervous around attractive women?

The main reason for this is the Fear of Rejection. The fear that the woman will not reciprocate the interest. That she will laugh in their face as she throws a drink in their face and points him out to all her friends as the loser that tried to hit on her. This is the irrational fear that plagues most men and the reason for nervous body language around women that are attractive.

Insecurity and Inadequacy,  Most men will hold a woman up on a pedestal feeling that because of her beauty and status that she may be out of his league. They feel on a deeper level that they don’t have what it takes to get a girl like that to like them. This stems from insecurity in the person that they are not confident in themselves.

Focus on How to Impress her, he is cautious of his words and actions, which can make them seem mechanical and non natural. He wants every word that is said to woo her and make her want to instantly jump his bones.

These are just some of the reasons why men will appear to be nervous around women that are attractive.

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