The age old question of which color lipstick to wear on your date may have finally been answer. Despite most men claims of  The Eyes, According to a recent study by Manchester University, the lips are one of the first things notice by men when they see you, and is considered to be sexiest part of a woman’s body.

During the initial first 10 seconds of meeting a woman more than half that time was spent gazing at the womens lips if she had lipstick on. The study tested men’s reaction to different shades of lipstick. Amongst the lipsticks, 2 of shades stood out the most.  Of the Initial 10 seconds, men spent 6.7 seconds  staring at women with pink lipstick, while red lipstick held their attention for 7.3 seconds of the initial ten!

How was the study done?

Well, The study involved tracking the eye movement of a group of 50 men when shown a series of images. When shown images of women with lipstick men gaze at their lips for an average of 7 seconds, just 0.95 seconds were spent looking at eyes and 0.85 seconds noticing their hair.

The test was also done with women without makeup,  In this case men only look at their lips for 2 seconds, 2.97 seconds was spent looking at her eyes. and 2.77 seconds was spent gazing at the nose. This shows that a woman’s lips are one of the most important parts of attracting a man, and should not be taken lightly.

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