Your body language can easily tell when you’re attracted to someone. Giving flowers and chocolates, smiling in an extra sweet way, looking intimately are some of the conventional ways of using body language to express attraction. But you might want to try something new – dancing.

Like what birds and butterflies do, you can actually attract someone by dancing. Use it as an opportunity to show the person all the charm and sexiness there is in you.

There are many kinds of dances – hip hop, jazz, contemporary and ballroom, to name a few. Among all of them, ballroom is the most widely used to convey attraction. Three ballroom dances are considered sexy by many are the Salsa, Tango and Rumba.

Salsa originated from Cuba and made by Spanish-speaking people there. Just like where it got its name from (a sauce created from a mixture of ingredients), salsa’s a mix of European and African dances. It is usually a partner dance, where one leads and the other follows the steps. The Cuban beat of Salsa music is already sexy. Plus the movement which is mainly swaying of the hips can further attract a person. It’s a fast and an intimate dance for you and your partner. Show your allure as you dance face to face while you hold her in your arms. Compared to other dances, salsa dancing is freer; partners can even improvise steps. Because of its simplicity, you can seduce your partner using your own steps while you two have a good time.


If your body can’t move that fast and wave that well, then Tango might be the dance for you. Tango originated from Buenos Aries, Argentina. Contrary to its status now as a social dance, tango started as a street dance. But it has evolved to a romantic dance commonly imagined with a woman putting a rose between her teeth. Because of the flirty music used for the dance, there was a time that tango was considered immoral. As time went by, its music became less suggestive, and that’s when it was considered decent. Go tango dancing with her to attract her. Make her drawn to you as you look deep into each other’s eyes the entire dance. Feel each other’s heartbeat with every strong beat of the song you’re dancing to. Make the person fall for you with every spin, throw and dip you make as you dance tango.


There’s another dance wherein you can use body language to catch the attention of someone. It’s the Rumba.  It is another dance that originated from Cuba. Rumba is known as the Latin dance of love because its dance steps are very suggestive. As a matter of fact, many rumba dances assume the partners’ sexual relationship. Rumba represents a man’s attempt to seduce the woman, who, on the other hand, tries to resist his charm. Rumba music is slow, extremely sexy and intense with rhythm. This slow and heavy tempo is perfect for you to tease and to seduce your partner as you hold her close.

Body language is a powerful means of communication. And when you pair it up with music, it could do wonders, including getting the person of your dreams.

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