Whether it is for a job interview or meeting a new family member, there is nothing more important than having a smile on your face. This is why so many people will fake a smile and it can often be very tough to determine a fake smile from a genuine one. This happens because most people are not happy all the time and so they feel forced to put a smile on their face without much thought about whether it looks real or fake. This causes a problem for most people as it can be very tough to decipher whether or not a person is really smiling or they feel forced. It is very important to simply know how to tell the difference between a fake and genuine smile as you want to make sure that the person is really smiling at what you said or whether or not it was simply forced. Body language and facial expressions tell a lot about a person and you should certainly learn how to tell the difference between a fake and genuine smile.

However, most people are very bad at spotting a fake smile and this is because most people get along with others because they simply ignore what the other person feels. The problem is that fake smiles and genuine smiles look very similar and so it can be very hard to determine what a person is really feeling. This happens because people become very used to simply just faking smiles and so it starts to look just like a genuine one. Though they look the same, there are ways to determine if one is real or not.

They’re different because they are created with different muscles and so the brain starts to control different parts of the face. A fake smile is created at will because the brain tells the muscles to make the “smile” and thus it ends up pulling the cheeks to start contracting. On the other hand, genuine smiles are created with the unconscious brain and so they are very automatic. These smiles are created with emotions and passes through a different part of the brain. The muscles that raise the cheeks will contract and also work with the mouth and the eyebrows to all create the “genuine smile” look.

How Can You Tell?

When the face contracts, the eyes will crease up and the eyebrows will also dip down slightly. Thought a fake smile can also create this look, there are still other signs that can help you determine whether the smile is real or not. A genuine smile will have the eye cover folds will move downwards and the end of their eyebrows will also dip down slightly.

This is basic body language and facial expression signs that you can use right away when you meet someone new. Though you cannot always assume that a person is faking their smile because of the way they look, it is still a good idea to keep these signs in mind when you meet new people.



Here is an  Example

The Difference between a Genuine Smile and a Fake Smile

The Left image is the genuine smile, and the right is the fake smile. Notice in the left image the entire face is involved in the smile while on the right just the mouth is part of the smile.





Still cant tell? Take a look at the image below.

The Difference between a Genuine Smile and a Fake Smile


Which is the real smile?




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