You are at the dinner table on a first date, The conversation is flowing nicely , she is smiling but still the nervousness is still in the pit of your stomach. Thoughts flow through your mind… Is she enjoying the date, is she attracted to me? Do I ask her? Well look no further, One major way tell if a woman is interested in a man is the non verbal cues that she gives off through body language. Researchers claim that Body language contributes anywhere from 50 – 80% of an interaction. Below I have listed some Female Body Language Attraction signs women give off to men, that a lot of us just don’t notice.

Eye contact, maintaining long periods of eye contact shows that she is comfortable and interested in what is being said. Another attraction sign to pay attention to in regards to eye contact is dilated pupils. dilated pupils is a subconscious response to attraction and excitement. This is why “romantic” like restaurants with candle light settings and night clubs settings have low lighting,

Leaning in, she is trying to entering your personal space and allow you into hers. To better hear and grasp every word that is being said. Leaning in is a non verbal way of saying “I would like to be closer to you”. This can be anything from leaning in with just her head or her entire body.

Body is pointing towards you. This can be her feet, legs, arms, face, or torso but generally the more of her body that is directed towards you signifies how interested she is.

Playing with her hair, this is personally my favorite. There is a subtle innocence about playing with the hair that I cant help but love. This can also include playing with jewelry, such as twisting of the ring or pulling of the necklace. This is a sign that she is excited and nervous.

Frequently  rubbing, biting or licking of her lips. The same way lipstick is used to draw attention to the lips. The purpose of these actions is to draw attention to the lips . these are is more sexual in nature so if you are getting them, you are on the right track.

Frequent laughter and smiling even when you aren’t funny. Smiling and laughing is a sign of happiness and if this is a feeling that you are giving a woman why wouldn’t she be attracted to you!

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