When a male sees a woman that he is interested in there are certain aspects of his Body Language that will change as he attempts to get her attention. For women this can prove to be a invaluable to skill to know , because Body Language is subconscious and most men are not aware they are doing it. This makes it harder to fake and will provide a more honest answer to the question “Does he really like me?“.

The main theme among males is dominance, which means in the presence of a woman or women that he is interested he will attempt to show that dominance.

His posture will become more upright if it wasn’t prior , begin to pull his stomach inwards and puff his chest out. You will also notice attempts to groom himself such as straightening his watch, tie, shirt , fix his hair, etc. He may even lean back, stick his thumb in his belt in a attempt to look aloof and cool. It is important to take notice of when the change occurred.

If you walked in the room and he already had the pose, odds are another girl has caught his eye, however if this change in Body Language happens just as you entered the room, this is a Body Language Attraction sign.

Another Male Body Language Attraction sign is the double look, this means that if a guy looks at you then looks away and you catch him looking again, odds are he is interested. We as human rarely  look at anything twice unless we found it interesting at some point. Think of the amount of people you walk by everyday, the amount of objects that you see..how often do you stop to take a second look? This is are brains way of filtering are environment otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get much done. So to ignore that filter and take a second look shows that there is something interesting about you that is worth taking a second look.

Pupil dilation is another sign of attraction. Though there are multiple reasons for pupil dilation such as low light. One of those reasons is when physical or emotional pleasure happens. This causes pupils in the eyes become larger and are a body language attraction sign of interest.

This is why they are commonly referred to as bedroom eyes and are also attractive to a person staring at them. This is one of the reasons for low lighting environment such as clubs, to make people seem to attractive or attracted.

Leaning in, If he leans in to talk to you. He is attempting to bridge the gap in space between the both of you and is also allowing you to enter his personal space. Personal space is important to us, so to allow someone else in that you recently met is a good sign of interest.

Bragging, though this trait is unattractive to most. If a guy is mentioning his new Ferrari, house in Paris, acceptance to Harvard. It is his attempt to impress you with his accomplishment.

Frequent touching, this can include anything from touching your arm to your legs.

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