Reading Body Language is the technique of judging a person’s body and actions to better understand what they are feeling and thinking at the time.  A common question that comes across a lot of peoples mind is “Is Reading Body Effective in doing this” And that answer is, if done correctly It is. Researchers have concluded that Body Language consists of anywhere between 60% – 93% depending on which researcher you speak to.  In any case this is still  a substantial amount that is attributed to Body Language.

This is because Physical Expression has been around since the beginning helping us to convey our emotion and words much better.

Another reason why Body Language is such a effective indicator is because it is mostly subconscious. This means that Body Language is harder to fake and thus is more true to the emotions .

An example of this would be

Is Reading Body Language Effective in Judging a Persons Mood

This here is the arms crossed. This is a classic Body Language sign of defensiveness. The person is putting a “barrier” between them self and the person or object that is triggering this response. This is not a conscious thought process. The person doesn’t think that “Hmm I will put my arms up as a shield so as to protect myself from what is being said or seen”. Rather what is happening is that based on the defensive emotion they are feeling, they are more comfortable crossing their arms. This is a subconscious response and just one of the many example of how effective Body Language can be at reading a persons emotions.

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