One of the best ways to build a connection with a woman is through the use of mirroring. For those that are not familiar with the term, it simply when you imitate  another persons actions, whether it is subconscious or not.

Ever walked by a woman and she smiled at you then smiled back almost like a reflex? Or when a person yawns and a few seconds you yawn?

Mirroring is a subconscious way of saying “I understand what you are feeling” or “I feel the same way” and because of the similarities in emotional  state a connection, a feeling of comfort, rapport and a  trust is created.

Here’s an example. You are introduced to a young lady at a work event. Both of you sit down to talk and the conversation is going well. She is laughs,  and is attracted. She then leans in towards a sign that she is interest. After a few minutes she leans back and the mood changes. She questions whether you really are interested and closes off in fear of rejection.

The reason is because her emotional state of being interested when she leaned in wasn’t reciprocated.”He must not like me” she thinks.

So how do I mirror a person? The most effective way is not to mimic the person but rather imitate them.

The difference between the two is, mimicking involves doing the action at the same. While imitating is to learn a specific action and effect and perform it when that effect happens to you or a few seconds after it is performed by the person

For example, whenever she laughs, afterwards she smiles for a few seconds then sips her drink.

The proper way to mirror this situation is the next time you laugh, smile for a few seconds then sip your drink. This way the action feels more naturally and less like mockery Get it? Great

Here are some great body language attraction signs to mirror.

Eye contactSmiling
Hand position and gesturing

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