As you walk through your day, people are making snap judgements about you. They judge you by your facial expressions, the way you walk, posture etc. While most of this is done subconsciously, your body language is a great source for others to judge how you are feeling at that time.

Do you walk upright with your shoulders back, a smile, a pace that says “I have shit to do”? Or do you slouch, and drag your feet to your destination?

It is through body language such as this you are judged

Good news is, through practice, your body language can be crafted to show your good qualities and to weed out the negative qualities that may be given off without your knowing.

Though this is important when dealing with the opposite sex. It is also important in deal with anyone that you deal with in life. Show that you are weak and people will treat you as such.

Here are some confident body language tips

  • Keep your hands visible and open. This projects a sign of welcome and open mind. This means avoid putting your hands in your pocket and crossing your arms which can be seen as uninviting and defensive.
  • Chin up and eyes forward shows that. A confident man is not afraid to show face or to look at who and what he pleases.
  • Posture, standing tall with your shoulders back is one of the important body language attraction signs a man can show.
  • Avoid speaking softly and or quickly, this shows that you are worried what that person thinks of your opinion so you speak to quietly for them to hear or too quickly out of fear they will not stay attentive to you for long. Speak slowly, clearly and concisely.
  • Grooming, though this isn’t exactly a body language technique. It still is part of the overall physical appearance that other judge you on. Imagine walking into a room without clean clothes, shave, or shower. Exactly!
  • Smiling, confident body languages including showing that  you are happy, and not worried about anything. this is what smiling achieves. It also helps the mood of others. Try Smiling at a stranger, odds are they will smile back.

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