You are sitting with your girlfriend but something feels off. You start to think that maybe she is upset with you but it is just a feeling, because you just cant quite put your finger on it.

Lucky for you here are some ways to tell if your girlfriend is angry with you!

  1. Her answers to your question are short and to the point. Meaning that if asked about her day and she simply goes “good”, “ok” , “bad” then its possible she is upset.  If you were to pushed the question further such as “Why what happened?” and she continues to give you short, dismissive answers. She’s upset.
  2. Yelling, This is a obvious but if she is raising her voice to make a point. She’s upset.
  3. Negative Body language such as arms crossed, body faced away from you, lack of eye contact, or reaching for the kitchen knife are all strong in dictators. She’s upset.
  4. Being passive aggressive, which is a indirect way of expressing anger or resentment.
  5. Overly quiet, this is a common way that both women and men express or dont express anger. Instead of confronting the problem, they hold it in and let it build rather than expressing it and risking confrontation.

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