I walk by one of my little sister in the living room. She is curled up in a blanket watching a wedding reality show. There is just not enough reality shows, right? She is 13..I think. Don’t judge me! I have 4 sisters and they keep growing up. Keeping up with their ages can be tricky at times.

I think about when I was 13, and what did I watch. Hmm Cartoons, Action Movies, and more cartoons. But here is my little sister already watching shows about marriage. Showing how early girls begin to get involved in the idea of sex, romance and marriage. If we wanted to go earlier, How about the dozens of Disney kids movies that have princess being saved by princes with long flowing hair, high check bones and and a slim tone body frame. Painting the image of what the “ideal” man is from a even younger age.

Now In regards to my sister, I am not saying that she is already intentionally thinking about marriage but the subconscious seed of marriage is being planted. This leads to girls romantically maturing earlier than boys and This is one of the reasons Why Women Get Married Younger than men .

Based on the information provided by Wikipedia , the gap in difference of ages of men and women first marriage is getting smaller. Now we know that in earlier years, girls were more exposed to the idea of romance and marriage earlier than boys through media. Now though, advertisement has become more bolder and available. Boys are seeing more images, ads and commercials of half dress women, couples and relationships. They are seen on the magazine rack when going to the grocery store with the parents, on billboards on the drive home from school, and on websites as they browse the web on their mobile phones during lunch break.

This leads to boys now becoming curious about the opposite sex at a earlier age and so also sex, romance and marriage. Which then leads to earlier romantic maturing similar to their female counter part and thus earlier marriages for men.

The age gaps becoming closer also because that in the 80′s and 90′s, there were not as many women in the workforce and the concept of housewives was more common. Girls got married earlier and had kids earlier.  Today, the focus has change girls are more interested in post secondary education and pursuing careers than in the past.


Barbie is no longer a house wive , she has become a business woman.  Girls, Boys, Sex and Marriage


Girl’s early 20′s have now become more about building a life of their own before pursing a life with another person. So girls get married  at a older age.

However still in regards to age, it currently stands Older Men still tend to prefer Younger Women and Younger women prefer older Men. So men may always the higher average age for first marriage. Only time will tell.

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