Eye contact is a vital part of body language attraction. The eyes can convey a wide of range emotions such as shock, anger, sexuality, and much more

In most cases being the initial sign that 2 strangers are attracted to one another.

A woman begins to stare at a man from across the room. He takes notice of her also and begins to look at her . She turns red and in an instant quickly turns away because she is shy and worried about showing interest. After a few seconds from the corner of her eyes,she looks back. He is still looking and smiling. She builds up the courage to look back full front and returns a smile.
He slowly begins to walk across the room to meet her and to find out more about her.

Or a body language sign of long time friends.

Two people are sitting at a table enjoying each other companies rarely breaking eye contact with the other. This shows that they are quite comfortable with each, and share a certain level of trust with one another.

This is just some examples of how the eyes are used to convey body language attraction.

Here are some more other body language signs by the eyes.

Pupil dilation
Though there are multiple reasons for pupil dilation such as low light! one of the reasons is when physical or emotional pleasure happens. The pupils in the eyes become larger and are a body language attraction sign of interest. This is why they are commonly referred to as bedroom eyes and are also attractive to a person staring at them. This is one of the reason for low lighting environment such as clubs, to make people seem to attractive or attracted.

Can show captivation in a person or item such as a beautiful view, a sculpure, a painting. This is very powerful to the point that your staring can cause other people to be captivate by your stare and follow your eyes.

Staring in regards to body language attraction can convey a desire to kiss by staring at the lips. Or a sexual desire by focus on the lower regions. Or just a interest in that person by lengthy staring into their eyes during conversation.

Staring can even depict disinterest by looking away when attention is directed towards that person.

Looking away
The last sign of body language attraction though use of the eyes is making eye contact then looking away when that person takes notice. This is more commonly seen in women. If the person looks again after quickly looking with there is a large of interest.

There is a reason they are called the window to the soul.

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